Property Matters was founded by three partners with a diverse range of experience and a proven track record in the real estate market.  With a focus on trust, honesty and integrity, the three partners have aligned themselves with agents who not only demonstrate impressive experience in the Florida real estate sector, but who also share their values and approach to delivering excellent client service.

The partners are a blend of American and British owners.  Simon Isaacs and Paul Ross worked for over thirty five years in both the commercial and residential real estate sectors in the UK.  Both Simon and Paul ran successful operations before relocating to the USA to give their families a better quality of life and to broaden their international business activities.  The pair continue to advise US clients on investment strategies in London and the UK and launched Property Matters in order to focus on the Florida real estate market.

Ted Brown has been active in the Florida residential market place for over twenty years, acting as Managing Broker for some of the largest national US brokerage firms.

Together the team take a fresh approach to their client’s real estate needs; be it sales, acquisitions, standard property management or proactive asset management.  Combining years of expertise and experience with the latest in technology, the Property Matters team is committed to helping clients create a better life in Florida.