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Boca Raton, or Boca, as it is warmly termed by the locals, is the most Southern city in the county of Palm Beach, Florida. Incorporated during the 1920’s, Boca is now one of the wealthiest cities in the Sunshine State. With its coastal location, glorious weather, luxurious hotels and fine dining options, it is hardly surprising that this city is such a popular destination for residents and visitors. 


Located approximately 40 miles north of Miami on I-95, Boca is less than an hour away from Miami Airport and a 30-minute drive from Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale International Airports.  Boca Raton has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 77F annually. Winters are usually warm, with days around 75F and nights around 56F. Water temperatures range from 70F in winter to 85F in summer and from 75F in spring to 80F in fall.


Boca has plenty to offer its 90,000 strong population that consists of a blend of couples, families and retirees. With its stunning golf courses, beautiful housing developments and abundance of family-friendly activities, the city is enjoying steady growth.  Boca also hosts the main campus of Florida Atlantic University and therefore the city has a large student population. 

Activities & Events

Boca is a bustling hub that incorporates the arts, museums, sporting activities, from food & wine, green spaces, bustling shops and a vibrant nightlife. There is so much to discover and explore such as Mizner Park, the glittery Town Center Mall and some of the finest restaurants in the south.

Boca Raton is renowned for its excellent restaurants and bars.  From innovative comfort food to decadent desserts, there is a restaurant for every taste bud and wallet.  Experience an unforgettable meal in a range of venues from private clubs to tantalisizing bar snacks featured in national magazine top-ten lists.   Food and wine are an integral part of Boca, and the popular annual Wine and Food Festival sees a range of chefs cooking up a variety of culinary taste experiences for both residents and visitors. 

The annual Festival of the Arts in Boca has received an impressive number of awards including the ‘Muse Award’ from the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County and the ‘Best Cultural Festival of 2014’ from Palm Beach Illustrated. The festival aims to bring world class performers, authors and important speakers to the city.  The Festival of the Arts is held at Mizner Park where visitors can also enjoy the many restaurants, exhibitions, jazz performances and concerts in its impressive amphitheater. Deservingly, Mizner Park was voted one of the ten best urban places in America by the American Planning Association.

Stroll Boca at your leisure and combine lunch or dinner with a visit to the Boca Raton Museum of Art or the Sports Immortals Museum.  A trip to Boca would not be complete without a visit to The Town Center shopping mall; one of South Florida’s top exclusive shopping destinations with 6 department stores and over 220 upscale stores. Elsewhere around town there are countless family-owned boutiques to explore. 

Outdoor Life

Boca Raton is known for its fantastic outdoor life including some of the most beautiful beaches and golf courses in the region. Water sports are a firm favorite amongst residents as well as polo, tennis and biking.  Look out for the Spanish River Park, Red Reef Park and Sugar Sand Park where you can take part in roller hockey, nature trails and scuba diving to name but a few.

Historic Districts

Boca has some inspiring architecture and history, much of which has been designed in the Mediterranean Revival style. The city’s first municipal building, Boca Raton Town Hall, opened in 1927. The Town Hall was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. In 1984, the town hall was restored and now operates as a museum.

Family Friendly

Boca makes a wonderful home for young families thanks to the strong family-friendly community built upon a wealth of social activities and facilities. Boca is served by over forty five educational establishments including private schools, public elementary, middle and high schools, adult education venues, as well as the main campus of Florida Atlantic University.

The Business Community

Boca Raton is a business hub that provides the perfect balance between business and pleasure. The city of Boca houses the corporate and regional headquarters of over 200 companies such as Office Depot and ADT, with many workers commuting in from the surrounding regions each day. The city of Boca recognizes the importance of supporting and furthering the economic development of the local business community.  An example of this support is the Economic Development Fund established in 2010 to help businesses expand, export and relocate to the area.  Boca is considered a white-collar city, with over 90% of those working being employed in white collar occupations.

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