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Firing on All Cylinders? Check Under the Hood!

  As an agent, selecting who to affiliate yourself with is a complex decision with potentially long-term consequences; nailing your colors to one mast requires careful deliberation and consideration. If you are reconsidering your options, or want to review where you are with your group, it’s always a good idea to conduct a mini ‘audit’

10 Excellent Reasons to Locate to West Palm Beach

  West Palm Beach is one of Florida’s most alluring cities and a firm favorite of the Property Matters team.  With its friendly small-town ambiance, West Palm Beach enjoys a great climate, excellent schools, world-class shopping and unsurpassed dining and entertainment options.   We have picked just a few of the many highlights to whet your
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Five Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor

  Selling a house is a daunting prospect for many people; especially if they have remained in the same house and area for a long period of time. Getting the right price in the required time frame is the key objective, and finding a realtor that can support and help you achieve this is important.
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Featured Properties of the Week

  Every week we put the spotlight on our property listings to help you discover some of the most beautiful houses available for sale across the Florida region.   7015 Ayrshire Lane, Boca Raton The first house this week is a luxury 6 bedroom house on approximately 0.57 acre prime St Andrews Country Club lot